Hi, Dan and Flo here – welcome to our very first blog post! We’re so excited to be launching Hatch…finally! We have a lot of people asking about us about Hatch: what sort of furniture we’re producing, what both our roles are and so on, so we thought we’d answer those questions in our first blog piece so you can get to know us a little better.

What inspired you to start Hatch?
Dan – In some ways it was a long time coming – we’ve both always been driven to be our own bosses and start a business. Our city jobs meant that we used to spend a majority of our time sat behind a computer screen and, although we both loved our jobs, we craved something more active and diverse. Starting Hatch means we can engage with the whole design process, from the very first sketch through to actually making it, rather than being one cog in a much bigger process.

We felt there was a real opportunity to design furniture that’s not only stylish and well made, but also practical. That’s why we include things like the hidden compartments to hide wires and extension leads – something that a surprising number of designers haven’t considered. As the world around us moves on, so do our designs to accommodate those changes. We look to the past and take influence from mid-century Scandinavian designs, but with our own modern take.

What are your roles?
Flo – In terms of the designs, we both bounce ideas off each other but Dan has the experience to know if they’ll work, are practical etc. It’s quite an interesting mix as we both work differently – Dans approach is more practical, and I approach it from a more aesthetics point of view. It’s really good though – it means we compensate for each others strengths and weaknesses. I might have an idea to make something and Dan has to say ‘Flo…that’s literally impossible because of XYZ’ and equally Dan might focus on getting the structure and function perfect that there are then some final aesthetic tweaks needed to get it spot on. It takes time till we have a design we are happy with and we always get feedback from other people – it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own designs when you look at them every day.

In terms of manufacturing, Dan is an absolute whiz on the computer so he does all the coding and programming for the CNC machine. We then assemble and hand finish products together in our little workshop. My background covers business and marketing too, so whilst he’s busy coding I’m busy with all the other behind-the-scenes tasks associated with running a business.

Tell us about your style?
Dan – Our style is very minimal. Inspiration comes from the mid-century classics but brought up to date with modern manufacturing methods. We are just as much about form as we are function however, the Digby desk being a perfect example of how we aim to carefully include design elements that cater for our modern requirements such as cable management and places to stand/display phones and tablets.

And lastly why ‘Hatch’ Furniture?
Flo – Ah well, the main reason is that many years ago what is now our workshop used to be a rearing shed for baby chicks – it’s a little nod to the past. And of course, there’s all the associations to Hatching plans, creating your own nest etc. It’s the name that ‘stuck’ in the early days.