• heart3_1_2heart1_1_2

    Chunky Heart

    Impossible not to run your hands over – these chunky hearts are carefully milled through the layers of ply to create the radiating heart effect. Hand sanded until the surfaces are perfectly smooth, we then varnish to seal and further bring out the natural colours and layers.
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  • clock3_4clock1_4

    Clock Type 001

    The oversized face is clean and uncluttered, only broken by the minute and hour markers. Minute and hour markers cut through the face to reveal the wall surface behind – perfect on a feature wall. The high torque quartz movement ensures accuracy whilst the oversized hands perfectly fill the face.
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  • clock-002-togetherclock-002-title-image

    Clock Type 002

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  • eclipse-4eclipse-title


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  • sausage_side300x500sausage_front300x500

    Sausage Dog

    This funny little Sausage Dog 3D model is sure to bring a smile to your face. Parts arrive in a beautifully packaged box, sealed with ribbon and a wax seal, and with simple instructions on how to assemble it yourself - think of it as a fun 3D puzzle! A perfect gift for adults or kids. See the 'Details' tab for information on size. If you'd like an animal in a different size, please e-mail us. We've made free-standing ones up to 1 metre in the past.
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