Welcome to Hatch Furniture.

We are Dan and Flo. We design and manufacture furniture from our little workshop in East Anglia. Here's a little more about us and what we do.


Our furniture is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian designs, bought up to date with our own twist and modern manufacturing methods. As well as ensuring our furniture looks great, we put a lot of focus on the practicality and functionality of our furniture, including things like hidden compartments to hide wires and extension leads to prevent them cluttering surfaces. Our Digby Desk and Sidetable are perfect examples.

Our ever growing Collection currently includes a Sideboard, TV stand, Desk, Chair, and Stool, as well as home accessories such as our oversized wooden clock. Our furniture is certainly built to last – from both a construction and also style perspective.


The design process from start to finish is a lengthy one, due to the fact we want to get every single tiny detail right. The start of the process begins with sketches – lots of them! We talk it through together until we are both happy, then design it on computer and render it up so we have a very realistic image of what the final product will look like. We normally have 3 or 4 versions of one design and eventually decide which option to progress.

The next stage is prototyping the product – we’ll do this many times, machining and assembling over and over until the design is spot-on. But it doesn’t end there. We then take that piece of furniture home with us and live with it in our home for a few months – if you use it day in and day out it’s easier to spot if any imporvements can be made.


Dan and Flo met at college in 2008, before Dan headed off to Uni to study Furniture & Product design, with Flo heading off a year later to study Design and Marketing. After graduating, both lived and worked in London for a few years, but the drive to start their own business soon took over. So, after much planning the couple took the plunge and moved back home to East Anglia in early 2015 to focus full time on launching Hatch Furniture. After multiple late nights experimenting with new designs and creating many prototypes, the couple finally felt they had the perfect starter range to launch with, and in May 2015 Hatch quite literally Hatched!

There’s plenty more in the pipeline – so keep your eyes peeled!